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Acrylic Garage Doors

Let the sunshine through with a contemporary acrylic garage door from Dynamic Door Service. Available in a range of stylish colour combinations, these versatile garage doors allow maximum light-flow into your garage. Make a statement and enhance your home’s exterior with a chic acrylic garage door today.


The Choice Is Yours

Our acrylic panels are available in five fashionable colours. Choose your favourite:

Features and Benefits

Acrylic garage doors bring a touch of sophistication to your home while offering plenty of practical benefits. These garage doors:

  • Are lightweight
  • Are strong and resistant to breakage
  • Wind rated door option
  • Are UV resistant
  • Are more economical than tinted glass
  • Come in a range of thicknesses
  • Come in a range of tints and colours
  • Come with an aluminium frame, also available in a wide range of colours.

Acrylic vs. Glass

Tossing up between glass and acrylic for your garage door? Along with the benefits listed above, acrylic garage doors have several other advantages that make them the superior choice over glass. For example:

  • Acrylic offers better protection from UV rays
  • It does a better job at blocking out noise
  • It weighs half as much and offers 250 times the resistance
  • It provides around 20% more insulation
  • It’s generally the more affordable option.