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Defy The Odds

What we do serves as the proof of what we believe. We are driven by opportunity. Opportunity inspires us to defy the odds and still deliver.

About Dynamic Door Service

Dynamic Door Service is a leading garage door company specialising in quality garage doors uniquely designed and manufactured to add real value to every home. We have been installing and servicing garage doors and operators for more than 15 years.

We are the largest supplier of Steel-Line Garage Doors in Australia. Our manufacturers have been selected on their capacity to meet and exceed our requirements for superior craftsmanship, reliability and a single-minded focus on excellence in customer service.

Our amazing business growth over the past fifteen years demonstrates that our simple philosophy of having great people and great partners, works.
Let it work for you.

Email or phone us to find out the five things you absolutely MUST know before you buy a garage door. Obligation free and we promise not to try and sell you a door!

Our Story

From humble beginnings, Dynamic Door Service has become the leading supplier of garage doors to the Australian builder market.   Dynamic’s success has come from the ability to seize opportunity and follow through on their commitments each and every time.

In 2009, Brisbane based founder Mick Vidler saw a gap in the garage door market.  The industry “norm” to get a garage door ordered and installed was two to three weeks… this is the way it had always been done.

Mick knew that in an industry full of furious deadlines, this lead time put additional and unnecessary pressure on builders and set about disrupting the status quo, initially as a one-man band approaching builders at building sites.

The Dynamic solution was to provide a mechanism to consistently deliver the shortest lead times in the industry, guaranteed installation dates and, after some initial trial and error, to partner with Steel-Line Garage Doors to supply the best product on the market.

Whilst skeptical, a handful of small builders gave Mick an opportunity to prove his solution would work. Mick was a man of his word… he built an expert, energetic and passionate team who at their very core made sure they delivered on their commitments, time after time, year after year.  It wasn’t long before some of the major builders in Australia took notice, then some more, and the rest is history.

The Dynamic team are driven by opportunity with an energy that creates a new standard of reliability.